Heartbreaking Lose:  Mark Knopfler confirmed the death of his son just now….

For Mark Knopfler, music has been a lifelong passion, and it’s been a well-rewarded one. The numerous accolades he’s received would take us too long to list, but among them are several Grammy Awards, a handful of honorary doctorate degrees, and a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with his band Dire Straits.

But, as you’ll hear in today’s session, you may get the sense that he’d be just as happy making music forever even without all that recognition. Knopfler simply loves doing it. He needs to. His latest album is his tenth solo outing, titled One Deep River. We’ll talk about the album, the way Knopfler works in his studio, and the drive it takes to make it as a musician.

He also looks back on Dire Straits, time spent in the Nashville in the 80s, and remembers what it was like when he first worked with Bob Dylan.

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Self-effacing as ever, the Dire Straits man gave multiple reasons – serious and humorous – for moving away from the plectrum, while still citing the pick as “a superior thing”

Mark Knopfler has long been regarded as one of the premier electric guitar fingerstylists in the game. In recent years, though, Knopfler says, his playing has moved even more in the fingerstyle direction.

Though he still has reverence for the guitar pick, the Dire Straits man says that his move toward fingerstyle has been one of the byproducts of his overall shift in technique in the 2020s.

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