June 15, 2024

Gavi’s resgistration saga has lasted long enough for everyone to realize something very strange is going on behind the scenes.

As one of the best young players in the world on a low salary, it’s interesting that La Liga has been attempting to prevent Barcelona from officially signing his new contract.

Barcelona recently filed a court case against the league in an attempt to register the player. The judge ruled in their favor, requiring La Liga to include Gavi in the blaugrana senior team.

One of Javier Tebas’ main arguments against the registration was that it would increase Barcelona’s expected losses by €200 million. However, according to a report by Cule de Chamberi, that rule came into effect much later.

Initially, the rule stated that a renewal could be registered during the winter transfer window if signed prior to that date, subject to the salary cap for the following season.

Gavi signed his renewal in September, so he should have been registered in time for the winter. La Liga, on the other hand, changed the rule in November to apply for the entire season rather than just the first half.

Gavi’s contract was renewed in September, so the initial rule should have been in effect at the time of his registration. Only players who renewed their contract after the winter market are affected by the new rule.

To prevent Barcelona from registering Gavi in the winter, La Liga manipulated their own rule.

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