NEWS FLASH :  Cleveland Browns sign Super Bowl champion quarterback to replace  Deshaun Watson

Cleveland Browns Sign Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Following Deshaun Watson’s Injury

The Cleveland Browns have just signed a well-known quarterback. Joe Flacco was signed to the practice squad this week, according to the team. The move was done in response to Deshaun Watson’s injury, which will keep him out for the rest of the season. Dorian Thompson-Robinson, according to Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski, will remain the starting quarterback. Thompson-Robinson led the Browns to a 13-10 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Browns now have the AFC’s second-best record (7-3).

Flacco, 38, joined the Browns after playing for the New York Jets previous season. He was drafted in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft by the Baltimore Ravens and was the team’s starting quarterback from the start.

The Ravens traded Flacco to the Denver Broncos in February 2019, and he appeared in eight games that season. Flacco signed a one-year deal with the New York Jets in May 2020 and appeared in five games. The next year, Flacco signed with the Philadelphia Eagles before being traded to the Jets during the 2021 season.

Stefanski was asked this week by reporters if Flacco might be the backup quarterback while he learns the offense. “Yeah, we’re just going to continue to bring Joe along like we do all of our players,” he stated, according to “It’s really, if you look up and down our roster, there are a lot of guys who came here after training camp and after the season.”

Stefanski was also asked if he had worked with Flacco before he signed with the Browns. “We were just talking about it,” he revealed. “He’s a Jersey Shore guy, I’m a Jersey Shore guy. We’re like 30 blocks away from each other, but I don’t think we ever bumped into each other. No, but I know a lot of people who have coached Joe, so we have a lot of mutual people in this business.”

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