Announcement: Buffalo bills officially announce the departure of standout player for….

There is still some intrigue surrounding Chad Hall’s move from the Buffalo Bills to the Jaguars.

INDIA PARK – Why did Chad Hall decide to take a lateral move to become the wide receivers coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars after leaving the Buffalo Bills?

Here at the NFL scouting combine on Tuesday, Bills coach Sean McDermott didn’t exactly provide a response to that query, but Hall’s new boss, Jaguars coach Doug Pederson, gave a pretty big hint.
Inside the Indianapolis Convention Center, Pederson stated, “Chad was kind of a free agent and I actually got a chance to coach him when I was in Philadelphia as an assistant (under Andy Reid).” He is aware that he played the role. I seek for qualities in assistant coaches, and he possesses all three. He is enthusiastic, has a terrific attitude, and is an excellent instructor. His work ethic is simply amazing. We’re thrilled because he’s coached some amazing athletes, like Stefon Diggs.

“He was the first person on my list and the one I wanted to get when he became available.”

The question of whether the Bills attempted to keep Hall after his contract expired or if Hall was just prepared to move on is unanswered. When asked about Hall’s departure, McDermott’s response didn’t really address that point.

“Grateful for Chad and his household. He performed admirably for us both in the previous season and in the years he has been with us, McDermott remarked. We wish him well on his journey to Jacksonville. Issues with business decisions and everything related to coaching arise from time to time. It’s difficult to keep everyone, even when you want you could.


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