Breaking news: Dallas mavericks outstanding player retires just now due to……

NBA Draft selection of Dallas Anxiety causes Terry to retire at age 22.

Following an outstanding career at Stanford University, the guard was selected by the Mavericks with the first pick of the second round, number thirty-one overall, in the 2020 NBA Draft.

However, Terry only appeared in 13 NBA games: two for the Memphis Grizzlies in the most recent season and 11 for the Mavs during the 2020–21 campaign. Due to personal issues, he missed a significant portion of his first season and was cut at preseason training camp the previous year.

He gave up on his lifelong dream of playing in the NBA, citing mental health difficulties.

“This message is a very difficult one to share and an emotional one to write,” said Terry.

“I made the decision to give up the game today, which has greatly shaped who I am. Something that has led the way for me ever since I set foot on the earth.

“Although I’ve made lasting friends, accomplished incredible things, and made priceless experiences, I’ve also gone through some of my lowest points. To the point that it started destroying me rather than strengthening me.”

Terry said he looks forward to exploring “my identity outside of being a basketball player” and claimed the anxiety the sport caused him meant “I can’t continue this fight any longer for something I have fallen out of love with.”

Terry claimed that the strain of attempting to get into the NBA took its toll.

“I began to despise and question the value of myself, much more than those surrounding me could ever see or know,” said Terry.

“Intrusive thoughts, waking up nauseous, and finding myself struggling to take normal breaths because of the rock that would sit on my chest that seemed to weigh more than I could carry.”

“To most be forever known as a bust, a failure or a waste of talent,” is something Terry acknowledged, but he also stated that “the biggest failures in life lead to the greatest successes.”

“There’s more for me out in this vast world and I’m extremely excited to be able to explore that.”

Terry apologized to those he let down but declared himself on a new path — “one that will hopefully lead to happiness and being able to love myself again.”


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