Breaking news: louisville key player announce to relatives he will NEVER play for lousville again due to…..

Dismissed Louisville Player Confirms Alleged Practice Altercation and Talks About Being Kicked Off the Team

The Louisville Cardinals’ on-court performance has been subpar for the past three seasons, but even in this early season, the program’s most embarrassing moments have come from the players’ off-court shenanigans. Kenny Payne was the first to acknowledge that he was “tricked” by a zone defense against Indiana; Ty-Laur Johnson declined to start a game due to not having his compression tights on; and most recently, there was the controversy surrounding Koron Davis’ expulsion and transfer.

Midway through October, Davis, who arrived in Louisville this past offseason as an unidentified JUCO recruit, participated in the Cardinals’ yearly red-white scrimmage. Fans and even players were unaware of Davis’s standing with the squad in the weeks that followed. When he was spotted during games, the 6-foot-7 wing was among the spectators in the KFC Yum Center stands, not on the bench.
This confused Davis’ teammates and athletic department officials in addition to the public and media. Payne went from saying, “He’s not in trouble,” to benching Davis from the squad in less than a month. What then transpired?
In a recent interview with Brendan Quinn of The Athletic, Davis gave his version of events, beginning with a reported fight with Kenny Payne during practice in the middle of November. “Koron told f— all y’all,” he remarked to my teammates. Said Davis. “From then on, things got worse but never got physical.”
An active Louisville player who asked to remain anonymous in a separate interview with The Athletic corroborated Davis’ account. Davis claims that despite having a limited role on the squad after the altercation, he was still involved in the program. He continued to attend classes, ended the semester with a 3.4 GPA, and used the facilities for private exercise.
The December 13th incident then occurred.

In an effort to dispel speculation that his lack of participation was due to his academics, Davis began by sharing his grade report and a message on social media. He also thanked the Louisville community for their support.
Davis would be leaving the program, according to a statement released by the Louisville basketball team a few hours later. “Davis has disclosed his intention to transfer.” The statement said, “We wish him well in the future and support him.”

In response, Davis quickly released a statement on X in which he denied having any desire to move and implied that Louisville had made up the story. Davis stated, “I didn’t tell anyone at U of Louisville that I wanted to transfer.” “I didn’t request a transfer.” Being a Cardinal is fun for me. It is depressing and tragic that a formal declaration containing misleading facts was made public.



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