Sad news: Lamar Jackson is gone.

The Vikings’ pipe dream of signing Lamar Jackson is gone.

If you’re hoping that the Minnesota Vikings will make a wild trade to acquire Lamar Jackson, then don’t hold your breath. A five-year contract has been agreed to in principle by Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.
The Vikings were one of the few clubs who were mentioned as possible destinations for Jackson, given that Kirk Cousins is unsigned through the 2023 season. However, Jackson’s signing would have needed an enormous contract in addition to the Ravens sending two first-round picks.

According to earlier reports from ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, some in the NFL thought Jackson could have a “wild card” partner in the Vikings. Jackson is remaining in the AFC instead.

Although Jackson, 26, is 46-15 as a starter in the regular season, he has only won one playoff game with the Ravens. More often than not, it was only a pipe dream for him to play for the Vikings. A quarterback selected by the Vikings to spend a season learning under Cousins is a more likely scenario.

Furthermore, if Jackson stays in Baltimore, another team that selected before of Minnesota (Baltimore holds the 22nd pick) will not be considering quarterbacks in the first round of the NFL Draft.

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