Sad news: New York knicks confirmed the departure of QB after……

Walt Perrin of the Utah Jazz has left to join the New York Knicks.

Utah’s Salt Lake City Walt Perrin, vice president of player personnel for the Utah Jazz, officially left for the New York Knicks today. In his new position as assistant general manager of college scouting, Perrin was wished well by the vice president of basketball operations at Jazz.

Over the past 19 seasons, Walt Perrin has been a huge contribution to the Jazz organization, according to the press release. “He will be missed for his work managing player personnel, which included a significant influence on our draft picks. His work has been a vital component of our franchise’s success. Walt has our best wishes for success in his new position with the New York Knicks.

In 2003, Perrin made his Jazz debut. In 2009, he was promoted to executive. One of Kevin O’Connor’s final hires as vice president of basketball operations was Perrin. O’Connor continues to work for the team as a senior executive. Perrin has been in charge of Jazz scouting overseas as well as domestically. Together with prospective draft selections, he oversaw the team’s pre-draft workouts.

Perrin Agrees to Join Knicks
The Jazz delayed making the announcement until after the Knicks released a statement regarding Perrin. The Knicks announced three new front office hires in a joint announcement. These include Frank Zannin, an assistant general manager of pro scouting, and Perrin, vice president of basketball and strategic planning Brock Aller.

The remarkable legacy that Perrin established while he was in Utah was mentioned in the Knicks statement.

According to the press release, “Perrin assisted the Jazz in drafting All-Stars such as Gordon Hayward, Paul Millsap, and Deron Williams.” “He also made separate draft day trades with the Denver Nuggets to acquire All-Stars Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert.”

The Knicks have spent the last few months replacing their front-office leadership.

Announcement:Steve Mills was replaced by Scott Perry.

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