April 23, 2024

Monday’s Dolphins Mailbag: Odell, Claypool, O-line, and Additional
This offseason, did the team adopt a “Moneyball” strategy? Was there a need to add a back with limited yardage? Answering those and other inquiries about the Miami Dolphins

Are the Tua discussions going to be deemed “broken down” or “stalled” at some point?

That moment would only arise if one party decided that the other party would not accept this as the highest or lowest point they were willing to go. Even if those discussions won’t be disclosed to us, I don’t think we’re very close to that point.
How at ease are you with Armstead, Wynn, Brewer, Eichenberg, and Jackson as our first-week starting lineup? Jones and Driscoll are the swing players for us.

Hello Chris It’s obvious that Armstead is essential, and when he’s well, he instantly boosts the team. I believe that organization to be more than respectable as it is portrayed here.

Alain, what’s going on? I think Miami ought to have acquired a large back for circumstances involving short yardage. Although you obviously think highly of Brooks, he essentially only saw meaningful playing time in blowouts. A.J. Dillon was a good addition. What are your thoughts?

A piece in a big puzzle:' New Dolphin Chase Claypool discusses Bears exit, joining Miami : r/ChicagoBearsNFL

While there is something to the argument, consider how much you would be willing to spend for a running back who would see little action—after all, Raheem Mostert and De’Von Achane will likely get the majority of the carries. And in that case, why would Dillon have wanted to come here?

Does Claypool remain with the team? Do you believe he has any advantages? He played more last year; why not more?

Hello, Curtis As Claypool is still seeking a team for 2024 and is an unrestricted free agent, he is no longer on the Dolphins roster. Although he has an intriguing skill set, it’s concerning that he has spent the last four NFL seasons on three different clubs. The fact that he didn’t play much after the Dolphins traded for him raises the possibility of an underlying problem; it might be that he struggles to learn a playbook or is just a poor practice player.

Alain, hello. Miami failed to learn from its Ryan Tannehill error. If Brian Flores had stayed as head coach, if only because he was willing to let go of Tua, I’m starting to question whether it would have been better for Miami’s future. How do you feel? Regards!

Chris, it seems like you’re attempting to get me into problems with the Tua supporters. Haha. Regarding your question, I believe the jury is still out because Tua still has plenty of time left in Miami, and who’s to say he can’t go on and lead the Dolphins far into the postseason? Should that occur, it would have been evident that the Dolphins made the correct decision.

Right now, though, your question is valid because the Dolphins finished with nearly identical records under Flores (10-6 and 9-8) and under Mike McDaniel (9-8 and 11-6). Sure, under McDaniel’s leadership, the Dolphins made the playoffs twice; however, that had less to do with Flores and more to do with the rest of the AFC.
Would you like to see Odell Beckham signed by us? Or should we draft a receiver in the first two rounds, in your opinion?

Hey Mark, I’m cool with signing Beckham for a one-year contract if the price is right and the Dolphins can acquire two elite defensive players (IDL, EDGE) in the first two rounds. Additionally, there is value in selecting a wide receiver in the

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