April 23, 2024

What they said: Charlie, Blues focused on Freo

With the Round 3 clash over and done with, the Blues are firmly focusing on Gather Round.

WITH over 800 kids gathering at IKON Park for Charlie’s Crew, Charlie Curnow could sense the excitement in the air.

Referencing the joy the younger generation brings to the playing group, Curnow couldn’t deny the buzz at the Club from the junior clinic, the aftermath of the win and the Easter spirit.

Here’s what he had to say.

On Charlie’s Crew: 

“It’s exciting. It’s awesome to have the kids come in. We’ve got the clinics today and it’s a really good vibe at the Club when we get to have them come down and see the excitement on their faces, which is why we play footy in a sense.”

On the game as a whole:

“It was a pretty good game for us as a Club, it was exciting for us as a forward line. We had 11 different scorers across the board. The forward role can be tough and being able to score a couple of goals always helps. I think the team was really well connected across the field, our defence was great and I think overall it was a really good game.”

On Harry McKay: 

“If you take away the goals and look at his whole game, his contested marking, his leading at the footy and he’s finishing his work so well, he creates so much opportunity for all of us as a forward line and as a team.

“I think we’re going to see a pretty good Harry McKay this year. I think any footballer goes through differences in games and hard times, but I think big ‘H’ has always been working on it and he’s absolutely dominating now and reaping the reward.”

On improvements from the season so far: 


“We probably are just focusing on areas that we can still improve on, we still see a lot that we can improve. Our key messages are being a consistent football team on a weekly basis and how we do that is our connection from a group and how we can mould our defence together.

“We know if we bring good defence, it will lead to good offence, we’re just going to keep focusing on those key areas.”

On travelling to Adelaide: 

“We haven’t thought about it too much, just finished our game review then, but it’s going to be an exciting game, it’s a bit of celebration of football with Gather Round, and it’s a great game to be apart of so we’re looking forward to the challenge.

“Every game has a high importance and we learnt last year that if you let little slides into your game, it can affect you for a long time. Any time on the road, it always has a higher importance because the wins are harder to get.”

On Elijah Hollands: 

“He’s a good addition to the forward line. It was kind of next-man-up, ‘Lij’ got his role nailed and got to kick a goal in the last quarter and I think the boys are excited to have him in the team, it’s nice to have another brother duo around.”

On the forward spread: 

“I think it was awesome because we’ve been training that a lot in the pre-season and we had the opportunity to attack off turnover and to allow that to happen, you have to defend from behind and seal the ground.

“Because we’re doing that so well, our small forwards have been putting on a lot of pressure, which is allowing them to kick a few goals. It was only a matter of time before seeing Owies on the end of a few goals grabbing his jumper and celebrating.”

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