May 29, 2024

Cowboys have pushed all their chips into the NFL draft, and now it’s time to hit big

We’ve heard all about the Dallas Cowboys draft-first philosophy. Now it’s time to get

When you’re essentially going to forgo all of free agency in favor of putting all your attention into the NFL draft, you better come out of the weekend with some ready-made help. This is the situation the Dallas Cowboys have put themselves in willingly, and with the draft mere days away, the time to cash in on their game plan is now.

There have been countless naysayers and people puzzled by the team’s lack of inactivity this offseason. However, as they approach the upcoming weekend with all of that in the past and only two outside free agents to speak of, the Cowboys need to knock this draft out of the park.

It didn’t have to be this vital, with the sense of so much pressure for contributors on day one. However, the Cowboys have chosen, and prefer, this path. If you have listened to their free agent philosophy and how they view outside talent acquisitions, it’s evident that this is their plan of attack.

Now they enter the weekend with needs at several positions, and a finite amount of opportunities to get it right. Can they come out with a starting left tackle, or a starting running back? Those feel like must haves. Then you look at the need for another linebacker, a starting center, interior defensive line help, and the desire to add another WR to the group is there as well.

It seems daunting, almost unobtainable, but again this is how they want it. At least that is what they would tell you.

Giving credit where it’s due – this team does draft well. They do find help a good amount of the time. Even if 2023 looks to be a dud right now, they do deserve the benefit of the doubt. However, as good and comforting that is, it’s a tough pill to swallow when there is so much year one need from a group of rookies.

A lot can change after 2024 for the Cowboys. Dak Prescott’s future is uncertain, Mike McCarthy is in a lame duck year, and without an increased level of success this season, both could be gone next year. Without the benefit of free agent activity, it seems unfair to put the hopes and dreams of the 2024 Cowboys to take the next step on the shoulders of a rookie class, but for better or worse, that’s what the Cowboys did.

It will take some Will McClay magic to do so, but if the Cowboys are going to bet on him and his staff, it’s time to go all in, for real this time, and make it happen this draft…or else.

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