May 29, 2024

NFL Owners Meetings Mailbag: Titans Planning to Wear Oilers Throwbacks Again – While Also Bringing Back the Titans Light Blue Jerseys – in 2024

ORLANDO – It’s been a busy couple of days here at the NFL owners meetings.

While my location has changed for now, the questions still come into the mailbag the same way.

And, they continue to flow in.

I took a quick break to answer a few for Titans fans in the latest mailbag…

Here’s the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE.

Grant Mims from Huntsville, Texas
Question: Hey Jim! My question is about the uniforms. I was a huge fan of the light blue Titans jerseys. I noticed we hadn’t worn them (last) season. I believe I read something in the past about with the reintroduction of the Luv Ya Blue unis, we wouldn’t be wearing the light blue. Also, any chance we see Oilers away uniforms in the near future?

Jim: Hey Grant. Well, you came to the right place for uniform info, and I have some news to share on the subject.
The Titans will be wearing the light blue Oilers throwback uniforms again in 2024, I can tell you that for starters. Which games, and how many games, is yet to be determined. A year ago, the Titans wore them twice – vs the Texans and Falcons – after considering wearing them three times.
Also, the team plans to bring back the light blue Titans jerseys for at least one game in 2024 as well, as long as there are no manufacturing delays, or a last-minute change of heart. I know a lot of fans enjoyed seeing those, so the plan is to bring them back. So, the planned jerseys for 2024 will be the Titans navy blue, Titans white, Oilers light blue throwbacks, and the Titans Columbia blue.
As for Oilers white away uniforms, nothing is in the works. Maybe down the road …

Eric Baes from Peoria, Arizona
 Hey Jim. Coming off two back to back 10 loss seasons and a obvious rebuild upcoming I didnt feel great about the outlook for this franchise. Well, after all the staff changes and some very good moves in free agency I now have hope we can have a winner back in TN. With a solid draft we can really add to this teams ability to compete right away vs rebuilding over multiple seasons. Who or What do you think was the catalyst for these dramatic changes within our franchise? Was this something that started with Amy(removing Vrabel and deciding on a offensive minded HC)? Rans vision for this team and ownership agreeing with him? A combination of Amy and Ran coming together on what this team should/can be? This is definitely a break from Titans DNA and as a fan of the team since the move from HOU its a refreshing and welcome change. Everyone wants to be fans of a winner and when the franchise deviates from the “blueprint” of 20+ years that goes to show everyone ownership/front office is doing whatever it takes to give this fan base a winner. Excited for the future..TITAN UP!

Jim: Well, Eric, it starts with having some cap room. Also, Titans GM Ran Carthon has more say than he’s ever had, working with Chad Brinker and Brian Callahan. And, yes, Amy Adams Strunk gives the go-ahead. I, too, like what the team has done this offseason, but these guys have to fit in, and perform. I know a lot of folks were getting a little impatient right out of the gate in free agency, but the team has done some good work over the last few weeks.

William Young from Las Vegas, Tennessee
Question: Hi Jim. Somebody forgot to tell Ran that the Titans are just Rebuilding this year and not Competing! I’m very happy of what Ran, Amy and the rest of the Titans organization is doing to build this team so far and we haven’t made one draft pick yet! Please tell all of the Titans Group thank you for giving us fans hope for 2024 and beyond!

Jim: Will do, William. I ran into Ran today in fact. I’m sure I’ll see him again tomorrow …

Andy Stambene from Lethbridge, Canada
Question: Hello Jim hope things are going well with you and your famiglia. Well my question isn’t a question really just a comment or two…about the Titans Off-season moves…some of the moves have surprised me no end and some were well great, superb, mind blowing and gets me and I bet the whole fan base around the World(US,Canada,,Mexico and Europe excited! And it started slowly with the signing of Cushenberry…great size and relatively young…Pollard was a bit of a surprise but not really as I see Callaghan installing his own type of Offense around Levis. Liked the signing of Rudolph too as he can step in if the youngster falters or is ineffective not that I see that happening with the likes of Ridley which was a massive signing which I believe happened because coach and GM knew if Houston was going to Win the Division it had to go through a fighting scoring team like the Titans which they seem to be building here. Ridley,Hopkins and Burks,Westbrook-Ikhine and Phillips,Dowell when he comes back. Nice WR room!Defensively the Titans took some some hits with the loss of Autry and Al-Shaair,but signing Murray whom I have to admit I know nothing about to combat these moves and of course the trade and signing for Sneed which a few weeks,months ago was a pipe dream…that came true as I was surfing the net late Friday night(11-midnight)when the news came across the net…wow,just wow,suddenly our weakness from last season became a strength of Mega proportions…Awuzie is a signing I know little to nothing about too but trust Callaghan and Carthon…suddenly McCreary becomes a slot CB which is probably best while Molden becomes a safety for good I’m thinking…as for Hooker I like him but do the Titans keep him now when they can find a cheaper replacement…as for the draft I still have the Titans drafting a OT but if their guy isn’t there a move to acquire lost draft picks and then the drafting of a OT/OG like Fuaga who has the nastiness and toughness needed on the O-Line…after the first round I see the Titans taking D-Linemen perhaps 3 of them and maybe 2 LB’s and a OLB/Edge and Safety to go with a TE and a Developmental QB as I see Willis heading elsewhere…the Off-season started slowly but has created quite the Buzz lately now if we could get ourselves some youngsters on the OL and DL and LB or two we could give Texans a run for the “money”! Thanks for letting me go off on a tangent Jim you’re the best and love writing in here and reading what others and you have to say it’s always enjoyable and fun.

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