June 15, 2024
Christian Petracca was heavily criticized for Melbourne’s “poor decision” to send him back out during the King’s Birthday match.

The injury setback suffered by Melbourne star Christian Petracca—who had surgery overnight following a hard collision during Monday’s King’s Birthday loss to Collingwood—is more serious than initially believed.

Tuesday’s update on Petracca’s health came from the Demons, who revealed the superstar had a lacerated spleen and four broken ribs. He also suffered a minor lung puncture.

Melbourne reports that Petracca’s timetable for going back into action will be decided this week.
David King, a premiership player for North Melbourne, questioned why the club would take a chance on sending him out following the unpleasant incident before the injury details were made public.

“With this one, you have to take your time. King stated on SEN, “I’m not sending him back out there knowing that there’s at least some sort of rib damage.”

Take a peek at the initial three seconds following his return. He was going to get nailed, so he couldn’t run efficiently or hold onto the ball for longer than a single second.

Give me your “100% sure on where he is with his health,” but you’re not giving it to me. No one is. It would be a safe bet to put him back out there. It’s an intentional risk. In round 13, I’m not going to take that chance.

“I simply believe that was a bad choice. This is not a medical choice. That was a joint decision made by the player, coach, football manager, and physician. In Round 13, that seems like a poor decision.

However, the star player for the Demons assumed accountability for his return to the field and defended his club medics on Instagram.

Their season walking off': Christian Petracca hospitalised in King's  Birthday nightmare | NT News

To Melbourne’s injury update, Petracca said, “I’m responsible for putting myself out there by the way for people talking about the medicos.”

During Monday’s game, tension peaked at the buzzer of the quarter when Petracca was struck hard in the ribs by a flying Darcy Moore.

At the break, Petracca was carried to the rooms while clutching his side in pain, uncertain about his future. Afterwards, an ambulance was called to take him to the hospital.

It goes without saying that Christian’s health comes first for us right now. We’ll be keeping a careful eye on his progress over the next few weeks to ensure a full and proper healing. We will monitor his recuperation and determine when he can resume playing, Melbourne Football Club manager Alan Richardson stated in a release.

“While his health and recuperation are our top priorities at the moment, he is undoubtedly a very important player for the team.”

“You can’t help but feel this is their season walking off (Petracca) of the ground here; he’s the reason they score, he’s the reason their forward 50 corrects,” Roos legend David King said during the first break on Fox Footy.

The player who steps in for him in the midfield or up forward is nowhere near that level, which has a domino effect. Basically, it’s either Max Gawn or nothing.

Although he was unable to verify the severity of the injury, Demons coach Simon Godwin was concerned that the 28-year-old midfield player had broken ribs.

He’s in the hospital. Goodwin stated after the game, “He is just getting a scan right now.

“We believe it may be a few cracked ribs, but we’ll provide more details as soon as we receive them. I hope it’s all that.
This week is Melbourne’s bye, and they play North Melbourne the following week.

After Bobby Hill brilliantly fended off Melbourne’s Kysaiah, Will Hoskin-Elliott scored the game’s first goal inside the first minute on Monday.

Afterwards, Finlay Macrae doubled Collingwood’s lead after registering five disposals in the opening ten minutes.

Max Gawn, the captain of Melbourne, and Pickett struck the post during the first half of the first quarter. The Demons kept wasting chances, but Nathan Kreuger scored his first goal since 2022 to celebrate his comeback to the scoreboard. Hoskin-Elliott’sincrediblemark earlier in the play set up the goal.

Fans were vocal at the MCG this afternoon, with Collingwood defender Brayden Maynard copping heat from Demons fans every time he got near the ball.

The last time the two sides clashed, Maynard was involved in a massive blow with Angus Brayshaw that eventually ended his footy career.“I’ve copped it a little bit, especially when I get the ball in hand,” Maynard said.

“I think we all do (feed off it) don’t we? We love when the fans get involved. It’s all a part of the game. If the fans don’t get involved, what’s the game?”

Fox Footy’s Leigh Montagna said the loss, coupled with the injury cloud Petracca is now under, was the last thing Melbourne needs after a decent start to the season.

“Melbourne has lost their edge. There’s certainly something missing with Melbourne at the moment,” he said.

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