Good News: Edmonton Oilers just signed a new QB for $40 million…..

Good News: Edmonton Oilers just signed a new QB for $40 million…..

Top NHL insider predicts that the Edmonton Oilers will sign Draisaitl, McDavid, and Bouchard for $40 million a year.
According to Daily Faceoff NHL insider Frank Seravalli, the Edmonton Oilers will sign Leon Draisaitl, Connor McDavid, and Evan Bouchard, paying $40 million a year for each player.

The Draisaitl camp is seeking a long-term contract, not a shorter one like Auston Matthews signed in Toronto, according to Oilers insider Bob Stauffer.

“The Oilers need to make hay right now because they have McDavid, Draisaitl, and Bouchard only adding up to $25 million,” stated Seravalli on Stauffer’s Oilers Now. The next time this happens, everyone will be imprisoned, because that’s when, not if, in my opinion.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re saying the Oilers are going to get all three of those guys signed?” Stauffer chimed in.

“I think the Oilers have already started discussions with Draisaitl’s camp,” said Seravalli.

Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl make the Oilers must-watch

Stauffer: “Let me tell you something: I think the Draisaitl camp will go for maximum destruction. Here, a four-year contract with Auston Matthews is not what they’re after. They are considering a long-term agreement.

“My point is, those three guys will add up to $40 million dollars when the Oilers take the ice in two years,” said Seravalli.

“$16 (million), $14, and $10?” asks Stauffer.

Seravalli: “Indeed. That’s what I anticipate. And I believe the numbers are pretty close to that if the Oilers are sitting in their office with (hockey boss) Jeff Jackson’s big board up there. At that point, the cap will likewise be $100 million.

Stauffer: “And you believe they’ll get all three, especially Draisaitl and McDavid?”

Seravalli: “On Earth, this is the only place where they can play together.” If not here, then where will you play with Connor McDavid? I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Their friendship is the best. “Connor McDavid does things no one else can do,” has Raisaitl said how many times already this postseason?

Stauffer questioned Draisaitl about what he told Seravalli about Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz during the Stanley Cup media day.

Seravalli: “It’s a story I didn’t really get a chance to tell this Stanley Cup Final because they’re down 3-0 and the atmosphere has changed, but I know this place is different, even as someone who has been coming here for 15 years. Everything that is taking place downtown is possible because of Daryl Katz’s support. There is no mosh pit, fan village, shiny new arena, or hotel that all the visiting teams enjoy staying in.

The Oilers, according to Seravalli, are the NHL’s Green Bay Packers. They are the titan of the league industry. The Oilers rank among the NHL’s top seven revenue-producing teams. Their market size is among the bottom five. Compute the meaning of that using math.

Seravalli acknowledged that fans are feeling the pinch from the pricey Stanley Cup tickets, but he also pointed out that Katz’s decision to purchase the team, advance construction, and supply funding during the team’s hard times is largely responsible for the franchise’s expansion and success.

Seravalli remarked, “Leon (Draisaitl) said they have the best owner in pro sports.”

According to Seravalli, the Oilers don’t overlook any details. “We’ll arrange to do something special for you on a day when the Super Bowl isn’t on. These players are equipped with everything. amenities and everything else included.

Sevalli claimed that after witnessing Katz and Draisailt celebrating a significant victory during the Oilers-Stars series, he became curious about Katz’s relationships with his players. They embraced as they stood there. And I thought, “That’s interesting,” huh. It’s not something you see very often. There is a true bond there.

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In my opinion

1. Seravalli, Elliotte Friedman of Sportnet, and Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic are among the best NHL insiders. Stauffer is as knowledgeable about the Oilers as anyone who isn’t in coaching or management. If they express a belief, it’s just a close belief; it doesn’t imply that they are speaking with certainty. They speak with knowledge.

2. For that reason, the Oilers team and their supporters are in for some very positive news. The Oilers will be a top team for many years to come if they sign these three players.

3. Throughout the 1990s, Edmonton’s elite group of players from the 1980s was unable to stay together. The team probably lost out on three or four Stanley Cups that it could have won in the past. For fans like me, it was a bitter pill. However, times have changed, and Daryl Katz, as well as former Mayor Stephen Mandel and his city council, deserve a great deal of credit for moving forward with the new arena despite strong, occasionally vehement opposition.

4. Although I only spoke with Katz once—during an interview after he acquired the team in June 2008—I’ve always remembered his remarks regarding the fleeting nature of life: “I hope the team moves into a new arena as soon as possible.” Life is already too brief. In an instant, life is over. My age is 47. I believe I was eighteen yesterday. That is the end of it. We therefore have no time to squander. It is an individual’s philosophy. We aim to make as much progress as we can in the shortest amount of time by moving forward swiftly.

Katz stated in that same interview that he desired to work on a unique project with the Oilers. In essence, he stated that his goal was to establish the Oilers as a premier team situated in the center of the city.

The timing is ideal, in my opinion, and the city deserves it. And the Oilers team, in my opinion, deserves it. Among the most illustrious teams in the league is this one. This group is deserving of being an elite group.

5. Katz received his arena. He now has his world-class squad. He seems determined to see it through to the end. For supporters of the Edmonton Oilers, all of this is fantastic news.

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