Lenny Kravitz ex girlfriend announce a devastating news that will damage his career….

Lenny Kravitz ex girlfriend announce a devastating news that will damage his career….

List of famous people who have abstained from sexual activity after Lenny Kravitz says he hasn’t had sex in nine years
The rock star is not the first well-known figure to skip out on sex.
Lenny Kravitz is comparable to Regina George in the celebrity realm, but without the blonde hair and b**chiness.

However, much like the mean girls’ queen bee, whatever the rock star does is instantly cool, and a lot of people will probably immediately copy them.

We’re all ripped if Kravitz is sharing shirtless selfies of herself online.

And we agree with the music icon that the best way to succeed is to develop a bromance with your ex’s new partner.

In light of Kravitz’s admission in May that he hadn’t had sex in nine years, don’t be shocked if you learn that everyone has suddenly become celibate.

The 60-year-old, who was previously married to Lisa Bonet, disclosed that he hasn’t been in a relationship for the past nine years after pledging never to have sex before marriage.
Referring to his choice as a “spiritual thing,” he clarified that he is entirely happy being single and that his parents’ relationship—Sy Kravitz and Roxie Roker—may have had some influence on his decision.

Kravitz said in an interview with The Guardian, “I have become very set in my ways, in the way I live.”

“I started to resemble him [his father] more after the marriage. I was turning into a phony. It wasn’t to my liking. That was not the guy I wanted to be.” I had to deal with that, and it required years. self-control. not giving in to my personal desires.”

While Kravitz’s abstinence is still in effect, let’s take a look at some other well-known figures who have also abstained from sexual relations over the years.
Gaga, Lady
Even though it serves as a major source of inspiration for her songs (revisit Poker Face), Lady Gaga, 38, previously disclosed that she was contently experiencing a dry spell in 2010.

This confession was made by the pop singer, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, long before she started dating businessman Michael Polansky four years ago.

Then, she gave this explanation: “I don’t really have sex. I’m currently quite single. I rarely have time to go out and meet people.

“I believe I’m also terrified of running out of energy. I have this strange fear that the person I sleep with will steal my creative spirit through my vagina.”

Gaga, keep that creativity safe at all costs.

Orlando Bloom
Actor Orlando Bloom was celibate for six months prior to forming the well-known celebrity couple that he and his 39-year-old girlfriend Katy Perry are today.

The 47-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star claimed he fancied a “detox” from sex in order to regain perspective on his life and refocus his priorities before he met the singer and started dating her in 2016.

The father of two had only intended to serve a three-month term, but he ended up loving the advantages and even stopped watching porn.

I was really enjoying how I was relating to women and the feminine side of myself, Bloom said.

He does, however, advise against becoming celibate permanently.

“It was crazy,” he continued. “I don’t believe it to be healthy. It was not a wise move, in my opinion. “You have to keep it moving down there.”
Kardashian Kourtney
Nothing is more fulfilling for 45-year-old Kourtney Kardashian than being a mother, but as we all know, a stork didn’t drop all of her children off, and having a baby clearly requires some rumpy pumpy.

But before the 48-year-old mother and her husband Travis Barker welcomed their first child, Rocky Thirteen, in November, they made the decision to take a break from their sexual activities in order to purge their bodies of all toxins.

The reality star disclosed that they were both participating in a Panchakarma cleanse to improve their chances of getting pregnant during her IVF journey in a 2022 episode of The Kardashians.

“We’re going to try an Ayurvedic Panchakarma cleanse because our last attempt at egg retrieval did not work out,” Kardashian said.

“Its age is approximately 3,000 years, and it will eliminate all the toxins found deep within our tissues.”

It entails giving up sugar, exercise, alcohol, caffeine, and of course, sex; she claimed that “it actually made everything better.”
The Biebers
While Justin Bieber and his wife Hailey Bieber, his wife of four years, are expecting right now, even pop stars who have girls swooning over them occasionally want to take a vacation.

The 30-year-old Canadian superstar disclosed that he had chosen to become celibate after realizing he had a “legitimate problem with sex” prior to the couple’s 2019 romance resurgence.

Prior to getting married to the 27-year-old model, he acknowledged that he was going through a “very promiscuous” phase.

“I think sex can cause a lot of pain,” Bieber stated. When someone doesn’t feel good enough, they may engage in sexual activity.

“Because they don’t value themselves. Both men and women behave in that way. I genuinely believed that was better for my soul’s state, so I wanted to rededicate myself to God in that way.

“And I think that’s why God blessed me with Hailey.”

Going celibate might therefore be beneficial if your goal is to attract a gorgeous woman like Mrs. Bieber.

Julia Fox
Even though Julia Fox’s relationship with Kanye West caused quite a stir, it’s her genuine nature and openness that have captured our attention.

Given that the actress, 34, was once a dominatrix, it’s safe to assume that she has some sex experience; however, even sex experts occasionally need a break.

The Uncut Gems actress talked about her decision to maintain her celibacy and her lack of plans to end it soon during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in May of this year.

Fox gave an explanation for her two-and-a-half-year sex abstinence: “I just think nothing good comes from having sex.” This is how I can regain control in light of Roe v. Wade being overturned and our rights being taken away from us.

I just don’t feel at ease until things change, and it stinks that it has to be that way.

“I believe it’s similar to overcoming any other obstacle, like quitting smoking or using drugs. You simply forget about it eventually, and you can use that energy for other things instead of sex.”

Bravo, Fox.

The frontman of The Smiths, Steven Patrick Morrissey, better known by his last name, has made a name for himself by publicly declaring his celibacy.

The legendary Manchester singer has been asked many questions about his choice over the years, but he hasn’t revealed too much about why he made it.

He has been in relationships, though, and he identified as “humasexual” after disclosing details of his first one with Jake Owen Walters in his book Autobiography.

In 2013, he wrote, “Unfortunately, I am not homosexual.” “To be precise, I identify as humasexual. Humans are what draw me in. Of course, not many, though.”

Adriana Lima
Not to be overlooked is the incredible Adriana Lima, who was named the 2017 “most valuable Victoria’s Secret Angel”; clearly, this is a woman who is aware of her own value.

The Brazilian beauty publicly acknowledged her Catholic faith and kept a vow of celibacy until she got married, despite the fact that a ton of guys are dying to date her.

Lima stated to GQ in 2006 that “sex is for after marriage.” Men need to understand that this is my decision. It indicates they don’t want me if there is no respect.”

Well done, girl!

In 2009, Lima married Serbian basketball player Marko Jarić, with whom she has two daughters.

However, the couple later got divorced, and she started dating movie producer Andre Lemmers, with whom she had a son in August 2022.

We’ve truly circled around now because Lima dated Kravitz for two years in 2001, even getting engaged to him before their breakup in 2003.

The reason Julia Fox has been celibate for more than two years is revealed.
Earlier, Julia Fox claimed that her brief relationship with Kanye West was not sexual.
According to Julia Fox, she has been celibate for more than two years.

Famously, the 34-year-old Uncut Gems star dated Kanye West for just six weeks in 2022.

Kim Kardashian, who had filed for divorce from the musician the year before, and he had a contentious falling out when they first started dating.

After meeting on US New Year’s Eve in Miami, West and Fox were later seen together at the Tony Award-nominated Broadway production of Slave Play.

That being said, she asserts in a New York Times interview that the relationship was non-sexual.

When questioned, Fox said that Kanye is the “one boyfriend [she] doesn’t describe sex with” in her memoir.

“Because there, like, wasn’t any,” was her response. That wasn’t the main focus.

The model has now admitted on TikTok that she hasn’t had sex in real life for the past two years.

In response to some billboard pictures shared by the dating app Bumble, which said, “A vow of celibacy is not the answer,” she opened up candidly about her celibacy.

“2.5 years of celibacy and never been better tbh,” she stated on Saturday, May 11, in the comments section.

One person responded to the comment by saying: “Same! I have never felt happier or more attuned to my body, mind, and spirit. Men’s destruction of our peace is absurd.”

Another said, “I’m finally loving every second of my life after eight years [of celibacy], no drama, no hate.”

“Wow, this has been done by so many of you. I’m curious to learn more! Up until this comment section, I’ve always believed that it helps men more than women,” a third person said.

In 2023, Fox gave an explanation for her vow to abstain from sexual relations in an interview with Elle.

“I want to be left alone,” she uttered. Like, please don’t bother me, don’t look at me, and don’t talk to me.”

In 2022, she had said the following on TikTok: “I’m at a point where I’m like, ‘F*** it. I could care less.

“My vagina is retired, so it’s like I did what society expected of me because I already have a child.”

“After everything she experienced, the doors are closed, shut, and sealed.”

This comes after several celebrities have been transparent about their journeys towards celibacy. Craig David, a rapper, recently gave an explanation of why he decided to adopt celibacy in his life.

The 43-year-old claimed that over the previous two years, he has been able to avoid a great deal of “drama” by not

Even though the singer had a great time in his 20s and 30s, he maintains that leading a celibate life has been “really good” for him.

“Man, the studio music, the creativity—it’slike,no drama, just vibes!” he exclaimed to TMZ, “It has been really good for me.”

“I am aware that I haven’t had sex for the past two years.

As much as I was thinking to myself at the time, “Wow!” for those two years, “but in a funny way, [my] creativity has been on a 100, on a max.”
In an interview with Louis Theroux for his podcast, David described the “many” ways in which one-night stands can be risky.

The singer of “7 Days” stated: “I realized that because I hadn’t resolved my personal problems, I was never

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