Mark Knopfler just announce a heartbreaking news about…….

Mark Knopfler just announce a heartbreaking news about…….

“Lack of use, plus three COVID bouts, probably phased out the plectrum for me,” says Mark Knopfler, explaining why he now fingerpicks instead of using a pick.
The Dire Straits musician, ever the self-effacing one, gave several reasons, both humorous and serious, for abandoning the plectrum, even though he still considered the pick to be “a superior thing.”

For a long time, Mark Knopfler was considered

The Dire Straits singer claims that his transition to fingerstyle is a result of his general shift in technique in the 2020s, even though he still has a lot of respect for the guitar pick.

as one of the best fingerstyle guitarists for electric guitar in the industry. However, Knopfler claims that his playing has shifted even further toward fingerstyle in recent years.

In a recent interview with Guitar Player, Knopfler disclosed that he has “started using less and less plectruming and more and more fingerpicking.”

“I believe that my three COVID episodes combined with inactivity phased out the plectrum for me. I would be fingerpicking more, not necessarily better, just more, as I would keep losing them. And I found that it was slightly more comfortable.
Nevertheless, Knopfler, who was humble throughout his conversation with GP, is not overly arrogant about his love of fingerpicking and even asserts that it is fundamentally superior to use a pick.

Knopfler declared, “I want to submit to the plectrum and declare it to be a superior thing.” It has more volume. It moves more quickly. Its signal is stronger. The best amplifier available is this one. It was only recently that I gave it up. I could play a lot of different things with a plectrum, and I alway

“His songwriting accentuates the simplicity of a lot of my stuff that I want out of the guitar, and it takes you away from concentrating on playing,” the guitarist remarked.

“I almost feel like I’ve turned into a half-player because I only usually play half the notes that are available to me and I have terrible finger placement. I don’t hold the neck artistically or properly; rather, I hold it like a plumber holds a hammer.

Get the most recent edition of Guitar Player, which includes a conversation with Knopfler about his collection of guitars, his star-studded rendition of Going Home (Theme From Local Hero), and his brand-new album, One Deep River.

s used one for the rhythm sections.

In other parts of his interview with GP, Knopfler elaborated on what he considered to be his playing’s shortcomings, even going so far as to say that his “grip on the guitar has gotten even worse.”

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