Heartbroken: Howard Stern is heartbroken about his friend betrayal……

Heartbroken: Howard Stern is heartbroken about his friend betrayal……

Howard Stern Was Astounded by Kevin Costner’s Disclosure About His Love Life and said, “I don’t want these rumors to ruin our friendship.”

Kevin Costner refuted unfounded rumors regarding his romantic relationships.
Since the 1980s, Kevin Costner has been a well-known actor in motion pictures, appearing in several of the decade’s and the 1990s’ most iconic productions. He became well-known thanks to roles in movies like Fields of Dreams, Bull Durhum, Dances With Wolves, JFK, and The Bodyguard. Almost 40 years later, he’s still going strong and taking on daring projects.

Costner’s divorce from Christine Baumgartner was finalized in February of this year in his personal life. Rumors have circulated since then suggesting that Costner is dating singer-songwriter Jewel. But in a recent interview, Costner refuted those rumors regarding his romantic life, saying he didn’t want their friendship to be destroyed by these unfounded rumors.

Kevin Costner acknowledges that he and Jewel are just friends while responding to unfounded dating rumors.
This year, Kevin Costner’s personal life suffered greatly as he and his 20-year wife Christine Bumagartmer concluded their divorce in February. He is currently the only parent of their three children and is working very hard on the upcoming movies for his passion project, Horizon: An American Saga. Since December 2023, there have been rumors connecting Costner to well-known

“He gazed at me as though I were a small child, and I simply trod on his cat”: Kevin Costner Was Shocked By One Yellowstone Scene That Completely Realized His Visceral Reaction
This year, the rumors persisted, even though Jewel called Costner “a great person” and refrained from confirming a romantic relationship (via Elle). When asked about their supposed romance by Howard Stern, the Yellowstone actor recently said that they are just friends and have never gone out together as a couple.
“Pay attention, we’re all liars,” said Kevin Costner. It’s Not Surprised That Taylor Sheridan Is Being Accused of “Borrowing” the Yellowstone Storyline

The actor expressed how much he detested all the unfounded rumors that had been spread about them and how he did not want them to destroy his unique bond with Jewel. Costner refers to the previously mentioned charity event that took place on Richard Branson’s Necker Island in response to Stern’s question about how the rumors got started. He stated (through YouTube),

Not at all; Jewel and I are pals. We have never left the house. We have a special friendship, and I don’t want these rumors to destroy it because she is special. To me, she is unique. She is attractive enough for a date. “I don’t want this to be ruined for us by the press because We have a text conversation because I’ve had text conversations with her and she’s really intelligent and has experienced a lot herself.

Costner doesn’t want to ruin his special friendship with Jewel, even though he hasn’t found a new love interest yet. based on what he said. The two connected over shared interests and appear to respect one another as individuals.

The Reason Behind Casting His Son Hayes in Horizon: An American Saga by Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner is preparing for the premiere of Horizon: An American Saga’s first installment. He included his son Hayes in the film as part of the ensemble cast. The actor stated unequivocally in an interview with Access Hollywood that he hasn’t “pushed in” his kids into the business.

“His experience was limited,” said Yellowstone Star Kevin Costner’s “selfish” act in “Horizon” reignites the debate over nepotism.
The actor declared that he does not wish to replace gifted actors with his kids in order to deny them roles. But he wanted his son by his side for this movie, so he gave him a small part for the week. “I have not forced my children into the business,” Costner declared. I understand that there are a lot of young actors who would give their all to be in this film, and I don’t want to deny them those roles just so I can cast my own kids in it. However, it was a smaller part in this case. Myselfishly, I wanted him to be here.

Strangely, Costner gave his on-screen persona the name Hayes in honor of his son. Starring in the first segment of Horizon: An American Saga are Michael Rooker, Danny Huston, Luke Wilson, Isabelle Fuhrman, Costner, Sienna Miller, Sam Worthington, Jena Malone, and Abbey Lee. On June 28, 2024, the first installment opens in theaters, and on August 16, 2024, the second.


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