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Jack Draper rant on new rules speaks volumes after Tommy Paul defeat at Queen’s Club

Jack Draper joined Carlos Alcaraz in slamming new shot clock rules after he received a time violation as he went out of the cinch Championships.” I did feel quite rushed today,” said the British No.1

The Wimbledon champion said he would complain to the ATP about the “crazy” trial after he was penalised against Draper during his second round defeat.

The experiment sees umpires start the 25-second shot clock three seconds after the end of the previous point.

Draper was hit with a time violation at 1-1 in the third set as he went out 6-4 5-7 6-4 to world No.13 Tommy Paul.

And the British No.1 said: “Today was the first time I kind of noticed it, I suppose. Yeah, I don’t know how I got a sort of time violation on that point, because I felt like I was very quick.

“Maybe we played the point and I decided to go to the other side to get the towel and come back, but I’m never intentionally taking my time too long.

“I did feel quite rushed today, and I wasn’t trying to take too long or anything. I’m not going to get annoyed because that’s just the rules, isn’t it? Gives me a time violation, you can give me a time violation. Maybe they are trialling it and they’ll change it if they’re giving a lot of time violations for no reason.”

Alcaraz got into a long discussion with umpire Mohamed Lahyani during his first ever defeat at Queen’s Club.

The Spaniard explained: “He told me that there is a new rules, this new thing, that the clock never stops. After the point is finished, the clock is put on.

“I think for the player it is something bad. I finish the point at the net, and I had no time to ask for the balls. I’m not saying to go to a towel and taking my time. I feel like I can’t ask for the balls. It’s crazy. I have time just to ask for two balls and no bounces.

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