So Devastated: Howard Stern was sentence to 10 years in inprizement for…..

Will He survived It: Howard Stern was sentence to 10 years in inprizement for ripe……

Kevin Costner claims that he has “never gone out” with Jewel: “I hope these rumors don’t destroy our friendship.”
The Oscar winner said to Howard Stern, “She’s everything you might think, but it just hasn’t happened.”
Speaking truth to power, Kevin Costner is redefining his friendship with Jewel.

In an interview with Howard Stern on Tuesday, June 18, the 69-year-old actor from Yellowstone disclosed that his relationship with the 50-year-old singer is strictly platonic.

Stern enquired as to the Oscar winner’s current romantic status, mentioning that he had “heard rumors” concerning him and the singer of “Foolish Games.” Costner clarified that the rumors are just that—rumors—and that he is neither in love nor involved with Jewel.

Jewel and I are friends, not rivals. We’ve never left the house before,” he claimed. She is unique, and since our friendship is what we have, I don’t want these rumors to destroy it. To me, she is unique. She is attractive enough for a date.

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“How does that even begin? “Kevin, tell me how that works,” inquired Stern, 70.

“We were at Branson’s Island down there. I was unaware that she had a foundation, and she was a member of it. And I finally went to Necker Island because Richard Branson had been pleading with me to do so for years,” he started.

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“I suddenly got divorced. He’s asked me to come down there for, like, ten years, and I’m a single father. “I guess I’ll go down,” I said. Then he clarified that it was a group of seven individuals “who weren’t celebrities,” including Jewel, Emma Watson, and himself.

When asked about her romance with Kevin Costner, Jewel plays coy, saying, “The public’s fascination is intense.”

He first clarified that the “rumor was [he] went down on a private plane with her” and “went back on a private plane [with her]” before adding, “She was somebody I just had some tremendous conversations with along with Emma.”

“I was on with nine people, and I don’t want the media to sabotage our experience because…” We have a friendship because I’ve had text conversations with her and she’s really intelligent and has experienced a lot in her own life. We’ve never dated and don’t have a romantic relationship,” Costner said.

She is intelligent and attractive enough for all of those things. We have simply never experienced it,” he continued. “She is everything you would expect, but it hasn’t materialized yet.”

Additionally, he disclosed to Stern that his teenage kids, Cayden, 17, Hayes, 15, and Grace, 14, were inquiring about the reported romance. He and his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner are parents to three children.

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After being spotted together at the previously mentioned charity event in the British Virgin Islands in December 2023, the couple aroused rumors.

The pictures were taken after Baumgartner filed for divorce in May 2023. After eighteen years of marriage, the couple divorced in February 2024.

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Jewel was previously married to rodeo champion Ty Murray. Before divorcing in 2014, the couple eloped in 2008. Kase, their 12-year-old son, is shared.

When questioned about their relationship by ELLE magazine in April 2024, she played coy. She said, “He’s a great person.” “There’s no denying the public’s intense fascination.”

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