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Broadway Actor Robert Neary Channels Neil Diamond In “Immersive” Tribute Concert So Good

Looks like this year’s Hot August Night is coming early for Neil Diamond fans.

On Thursday, June 13 at House of Blues, Broadway actor Robert Neary will be starring in the ultimate tribute show to the best selling singer-songwriter in So Good! The Neil Diamond Experience.

Veteran stage and screen performer Robert Neary, best known for his work on General Hospital and appearances on primetime series Blue Bloods, Sons of Anarchy, and Grey’s Anatomy, conceived of the project as vehicle for his skills as a leading man.

“I’ve been a Neil Diamond fan my entire life, since 8 years old, actually,” Neary says. “I was an actor for quite a while, for almost 40 years. I still am, but after 2017, I did a Broadway show and couple of guest stars and the business really shifted in everything for me and my category. I needed to re-invent myself. I knew Neil Diamond had retired and I just started to sit down and put together a really great tribute show and I found an amazing band and here we are three years later. During the pandemic we got together, we perfected it, we sent it out to agencies and we started touring the country.”

Coming off of performing in the acclaimed Alan Menken musical A Bronx Tale on Broadway, Neary describes looking for something to put his unique stamp onstage. “I knew if I created something only I could do,” he says, “it would be amazing. It is not just a tribute concert, I have studied the man, so I know every bit of his life history, his mannerisms, his look, his voice. I put it all together in the show, that’s pretty much the reaction. It’s one of the best things they’ve seen in terms of Neil Diamond, and the true experience of a concert. It really does speak for itself. The reviews have been incredible and we’re selling out venues.”

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