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Rodney Dangerfield Revealed The Sad Truth About His Family During A Raw interview With Howard Stern

Since Howard Stern is arguably the most famous radio host in history, he has become rich and he has famous friends. However, Stern’s career has also gotten him in trouble because he is so candid about his opinions. In fact, Stern is so forthright that his comments have led to violence in the past.

Since Stern is such an open host, he often gets guests to say things they ordinarily would never admit publicly. One perfect example of that is the fact that Stern got Rodney Dangerfield to be very forthright about his family.

The Tragic And True Story Of Rodney Dangerfield’s Family

During Rodney Dangerfield’s lengthy standup comedy career, he made millions of people laugh. As anyone familiar with Dangerfield will already know, Dangerfield often made people laugh by making fun of himself and his family. However, Dangerfield once spoke about his family during an appearance on The Howard Stern Show and what he said was no laughing matter.

Around a year before Rodney Dangerfield passed away, he made an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. While the comedian tried to throw in jokes throughout the resulting interview, it is astonishing how serious the conversation was from the start.

When and where was Rodney Dangerfield born, according to Brittanica?

At the time of his appearance, Dangerfield had relatively recently gotten out of the hospital following brain surgery. After Stern brought that up, they began talking about Dangerfield’s memoir, which had been released around that time. The second Dangerfield mentioned his book, Stern summed up how the reality of the comedian’s life made him feel.

After making that comment, Stern bluntly asked Dangerfield if he agreed he’d had a sad life. Instead of answering that question directly, Dangerfield reflected on his difficult childhood, much to Robin Quivers’ astonishment.

From there, Dangerfield revealed a terrible thing that happened to him because he was left alone at such a young age. As Dangerfield explained to Stern and his audience, an adult male who lived in his area took advantage of the comedian when he was a child.

As their conversation progressed, Stern brought up the subject of Dangerfield’s parents. Stern did this by initially calling out Dangerfield’s mother in no uncertain terms. “First of all, your mother, horrible woman.”

If you told most people they had a horrible mother, they would become defensive. In Dangerfield’s case, however, he didn’t seem to take any offense, even if he didn’t describe his mom quite as harshly as Stern did.

In response to Dangerfield’s comments about his mother, Stern asked the comedian if the lack of love left him angry. “Was there a bitterness inside? Why did everybody else get the love of a mother and I didn’t?”

According to Dangerfield, he didn’t let the circumstances of his childhood define him or make him angry. Instead, he opted to be generous to the people he cared about and thankful that he turned out okay, and he enjoyed a great deal of success.

After Dangerfield explained his mentality, Quivers asked about his father. Before Dangerfield could respond, Stern gave his take on the man. “Dad was a horror scene, wasn’t he?” When Dangerfield tried to say his father was okay, Stern took exception to that and asked when Dangerfield’s dad left him.

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