Howard Stern just announced his divorced…….

Howard Stern just announced his divorced…….

Howard Stern, Mr. Sybian himself disapproves of Hawk Tuah Girl

Radio mogul Howard Stern is far away from the wild man he once was, this is a far more conservative and tame version of what made him famous during his prime. On his SiriusXM show, he decided to speak his mind about Hailey Welsh, otherwise known as the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl. The young woman took the internet by storm over the weekend after going viral on a Youtube video by making a graphic description of how to best perform fellatio on a man. The clip was so viral that she was even fired from her job at a school and started selling merch from that viral moment on the internet. That viral moment made many love Hailey but it also brought out the most conservative side of people. Howard Stern is one of them, who absolutely disapproves of this video goin viral.

It was pretty obvious that parents would be the ones who didn’t approve of this video and Hailey’s actions, acting as if they were never young and restless. During his show, this is what Howard Stern said about the famous ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl: “As a dad myself of three girls that’s every father’s worst nightmare to see her on Instagram going ‘yeah you’ve got to hawk tuah on that f****** thing’. I’m on Instagram not much but that hawk tuah girl is everywhere. I think if I am analyzing it, the reason people like it so much is the girl is so uninhibited and it’s just so natural when she says it. It’s like she didn’t even think about. ‘My kid is Insta famous she’s the hawk tuah girl.‘”

Howard Stern’s wild treatment against women

In order to understand how hypocritical these statements are from Howard Stern, you need a small history lesson from arguably one of the most offensive radio show hosts of all time. During the height of his powers, Stern invited porn stars to ride on a sybian live on radio and they even recorded everything on video. He was constantly persecuted by the SEC for foul language and was constantly unapologetic. We gt things changed for Howard when he had daughters but taking the high road with Hailey tells you how out of touch he has been for years now. People in comments below his rant against the Hawk Tuah girl are the perfect example of why he probably should’ve kept this take to himself.

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