sad news:  Los Angeles Lakers star player reportedly set to exit due to….

Just so you know, LeBron Jams has a clock ticking on his current contract with Los Angeles Lakers. He has until June 29 to make a decision on his $51.4 million player option on his current contract. According to Los Angeles Times, it is reported that LeBron James won’t take the deal but there is a feeling that he will remain with Los Angeles Lakers. However, there has been a new development on this negotiation because the Lakers are willing to offer James a wild increase in salary that should keep him at the Lakers for the next three years. According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, the team is more than willing to offer these three years to one of the best NBA players in history. After all, James might have a choice to finish his career in purple & gold.

Given that LeBron James has J.J. Redick as his new coach, it’s easy to see how Los Angeles Lakers fans would be excited to keep LeBron James for next season because one of his good friends will be his coach. And granted, the chances of James staying at the Lakers for at least next season are extremely high. However, we can’t say anything for certain yet until there is an official confirmation that both sides have agreed on an offer. It’s evident that should LeBron James take this offer, it would more than likely mean that this would be the final NBA team for which he would play. In recent months, LeBron has already been publicly talking about retirement.LeBron James mulling retirement after Lakers exit: ESPN | Arab News PK

Should he accept the three years for $162 million, this means James is going to agree for a guaranteed $54 million per year. But that does not mean that he will play for the entire three years, LeBron could easily just play for one more year and just decide to retire. Also, there have been reports that James no longer sees playing with son Bronny as an absolute priority. He no longer wants to put pressure in his eldest son to become an NBA professional. Also, the Lakers won’t have too much wiggle room if they sign James for that deal in terms of new arrivals. The roster will be economically limited if he says yes to this potential new offer that ESPN is reporting. What should the King do?

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