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Today, Wahoo Fitness added a new tool to the arsenals of athletes interested in heart rate monitoring. The all-new Trackr Heart Rate is the brand’s first HR monitor to swap out its coin cell battery for a high-capacity, rechargeable one. Now users can simply plug in their sensor to keep using it again and again. Between charges, the battery will provide more than 100 hours of active use. In other words, it’ll power heaps of workouts before you even need to pull out the charging cable.

Though certainly the most exciting update, the new rechargeable battery isn’t the monitor’s only upgrade. Wahoo also promises users improved accuracy with an advanced detection algorithm, as well as an overhauled strap design for added comfort. The band now features a side closure in order to avoid impeding any workout types.

It’s also rated IPX7 to withstand sweaty sessions and even rainy runs. With ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity, the Trackr Heart Rate can broadcast users’ data to exercise equipment, smartphones, fitness tracking accessories including the Apple Watch, and popular apps, including Strava, Peloton, Nike Run Club, and more.

According to Wahoo, the Trackr line will continue to see newly designed sensors throughout the coming year. These tools are aimed at endurance athletes looking for detailed training metrics. For now, interested shoppers can start building their Trackr-branded toolkit with the Trackr Heart Rate, available for $89.99.

Do you use a dedicated heart rate tracker? What do you think of Wahoo’s Trackr Heart Rate? Let us know in the comments below!

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