Shocking News: Howard Stern just received devastating news just now…….

Shocking News: Howard Stern just received devastating news just now…….

The Workplace Rules of Howard Stern Describe in Detailed Exactly What It’s Like To Work For Him
These days, Howard Stern’s old-school fans refer to him as “Hollywood Howard.” This is because the opulently wealthy radio host has changed his image from being a shock jock to something more refined. Stern has been able to speak with some of the most well-known individuals in the world thanks to this innovative shift, which has been in the works for more than 20 years. Stern conducted an interview with President Joe Biden, something that was unthinkable during his politically incorrect past.

But Stern’s old-school fans don’t just criticize him because of his pivot. Stern used to be known as “the man of the people,” but these days he’s an A-list celebrity with high standards for his staff. This post will go over every guideline that employees of The Stern Show must adhere to.

Howard Stern Requires His Staff to Give Him Diapers
Howard Stern’s assistant always makes sure he has baby wipes on hand because he uses them in the restroom.

Before Howard Stern hired a helper, producer Gary Dell’Abate (Ba Ba Booey) was in charge of putting baby wipes in the restroom at his office. The same held true for Stern’s public appearances. Given that the wiping tool left him “cleaner” than toilet paper, Dell’Abate knew his boss had a soft spot for it.

These days, Stern’s personal assistant makes sure that baby wipes are always available in his office bathroom, home, and travel bag.
Employees of Howard Stern Are Prohibited From Discussing Former Coworkers Live
Some of Howard Stern’s most well-known employees have been let go, and their identities will not be discussed on the show.

Every wondered why Howard Stern or his current staffers almost never bring up the likes of Artie Lange, John The Stutterer, Scott The Engineer, or Shuli Egar? During an interview with actor and activist Michael Rappaport, Stern admitted that he doesn’t want his audience focused on who no longer works for him. Hence why he nor his stafers bring up their past colleagues while on the air. On occasion, Stern will let a name slip. Or he’ll poke fun at Jackie ‘The Jokeman’ Martling. But most of the time, past staffers’ contributions to the show are wiped from history. To this day, diehard fans don’t know what happened to Scott The Engineer.

Howard Stern Bans His Employees From Talking To Celebrity Guests

Stern Show Staffer Sal Governale Angered Numerous Celebrity Guests

There have been some pretty iconic show moments over the years that have involved a staffer crossing the line with a celebrity guest. Most of the time, that staffer is Sal Governale. The writer and phony phone call expert has been known to stick his foot in his mouth. And that’s precisely what he did when he met Jon Stewart.

For those who don’t remember, Governale told Stewart that he didn’t care for his comedy. In another incident, Governale insulted chef Bobby Flay and his ex-wife by being extremely inappropriate. Then there’s the Ace Frehley situation in which Governale tried to get his personal phone number.

Because of these incidents and so many more, Howard Stern banned his staffers from interacting with celebrity guests unless they are approached. This included former security guard, Ronnie ‘The Limo Driver’ Mund, who would accompany the stars from the SiriusXM lobby up to Stern’s studio.

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