Bon Scott just drop latest album just now…….

Why ‘Back In Black,’ the 43rd album by AC/DC, is so significant as their first release without Bon Scott
For AC/DC, recording Back in Black was a significant and daring move. Fortunately, it was a huge critical and commercial success. Recorded in April and May 1980 in Nassau, Bahamas, Back In Black was released shortly after the death on February 19 of lead singer Bon Scott, 33.
After a binge, Scott suffered from alcoholic poisoning and passed away. The band was shocked, but they chose to go on. They immediately set about hiring Brian Johnson to be their lead singer and began recording their next album.

A recording studio in the Bahamas may seem like a tranquil place to start over, but rumors of it being a simple concrete block instead of a fully furnished luxury residence, along with multiple tropical storms and challenges bringing in some of the band’s gear, suggest otherwise.

The following year, their enormously popular Highway To Hell album raised the bar. The pressure was obviously on, what with the studio conditions, the emotional fallout from losing Scott, and the addition of a new singer.

After being mixed at Electric Lady Studios in New York, Back in Black came out of those Nassau studio sessions rather quickly. On July 25, 1980, they released their sixth album internationally.

The hit song “Back in Black” by AC/DC
With Back In Black doing so well, the band didn’t need to worry. In 2019, it became 25 times platinum after being sold over 50 million times globally. The album was well received by critics and consumers alike. The album received a very favorable review from Rolling Stone magazine.

Rolling Stone attributed a large portion of the band’s success to Johnson’s vocals, despite the Young brothers and other musicians receiving a great deal of praise for their incredible guitar playing. He fit in well, according to many. Along with brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, Johnson also received equal credit for writing the songs on the album.

Nobody forgot about Scott. The all-black record cover, according to Angus Young, was a symbol of mourning for the singer who had passed away. He acknowledged that Atlantic Records wasn’t as excited about it, but they gave in when the band’s logo was given a grey outline.

Around the world, AC/DC is still performing, and Back In Black is frequently included in lists of the greatest albums. When they decided to keep playing together and put Johnston on lead vocals, it was undoubtedly a “sliding doors” kind of moment. Indeed, these were two excellent choices.

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