GOOD NEWS: New York Yankees signed their 2 key players to a deal worth $80 million….

Yankees’ two-player trade proposal sends a centerfielder worth $80 million to New York
With a 54-33 record, the New York Yankees are among the best teams in baseball. In the American League East, they trail the Baltimore Orioles by one game. Before the trade deadline of July 30, the team is probably going to add a bat to their lineup. Zachary D. Rymer of Bleacher Report reports that the Yankees may be interested in Chicago Cubs player Cody Bellinger.
Bellinger ends up in New York thanks to a player swap that Rymer suggested:

First baseman/centerfielder acquired by the Yankees Bellinger Cody
Cubs acquire Agustin Ramirez, a catcher
The Yankees farm system ranks Ramirez as their twenty-first prospect. This season, 22-year-old Ramirez was called up to Triple-A. This year, he hosted a

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Interest in Cody Bellinger by the Yankees
Will Sammon, Katie Woo, and Patrick Mooney of The Athletic have reported that Bellinger, 28, and the Yankees were parties to trade rumors in the previous season.

The Yankees have expressed interest in Bellinger, according to Levi Weaver of The Athletic. In a July 2 article summarizing trade deadline information.

Bellinger provides the Yankees with immediate and long-term relief. Due to Giancarlo Stanton’s injury, Trent Grisham is playing centerfield and Aaron Judge is playing right field. Bellinger is an immediate improvement over Grisham.

Rymer pointed out that there won’t be a long-term need in centerfield, though. Judge can return to centerfield after Stanton returns.

However, first base is more of a question mark. With a fractured forearm, Anthony Rizzo won’t be out long, but the Yankees can’t wait for him, Rymer wrote. “His overall OPS over the last 116 games is.577.”

In Rizzo’s absence, Ben Rice has been covering first base. Just 13 games have been played by the 25-year-old in the major leagues. He has a batting average of.270 thus far, and he is producing. However, as teams start to get used to him, the rookie might experience a regression similar to that of most young players.

In addition, New York simply needs another trustworthy hitter. Rymer stated, “Stanton’s 18 home runs came with a.302 OBP, even when he was in the lineup with Judge and Juan Soto.

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In the National League Central, the Cubs are 12 games behind the Milwaukee Brewers and eight games below.500. They might not be intending to make a large sale by the trade deadline, though.

It was not the Cubs’ intention to sell at the trade deadline. Their front office has been making small roster adjustments in an effort to gradually improve a team that leads the majors with 19 one-run losses. However, opponents must be ready in case things worsen and the Cubs decide to turn around,” wrote The

Codey Bellinger’s Agreement
Before the season, Bellinger inked a three-year, $80 million contract with the Cubs. Bellinger, who played for the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2019, was named the National League MVP. But in 2023, after three disappointing seasons, he agreed to a one-year contract with the Cubs. His comeback landed him the current contract.

Bellinger has hit nine home runs and collected 34 RBIs so far this season, slashing.267/.327/.416 through July 2. Bellinger is unquestionably a better first base option for the Yankees than they currently have. At first base, he has made 267 caregiver starts.
Bellinger is a difficult trade target due to his contract. He could either be a rental or a significant financial commitment through 2026, with opt-outs after 2024 and 2025.

But the Yankees already face a penalty of an estimated $61.5 million due to the luxury tax. Perhaps not a deal-breaker, but it’s likely that they’ll search for less expensive upgrades, Rymer wrote.

The Yankees must make a decision regarding Soto’s contract soon. If it means they won’t be able to afford Soto, they might not be ready to make a financial commitment to Bellinger.


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