Lazy Sod announced a devastating news……

This week’s heavy song is “Lazy Sod,” by Deep Purple, who deliver a late-career gem that is refreshingly honest.
Plus, must-listen songs by Terra Black, Hammerfall, and Category 7.

Every Friday, Heavy Consequence publishes a feature called Heavy Song of the Week, which lists the best hard rock and metal songs. This week’s top song is “Lazy Sod,” a new song by British rock legends Deep Purple.

Deep Purple’s most recent single, “Lazy Sod,” was subtly inspired by an unexpected person: Dolly Parton, a legendary figure in country music.

Ian Gillan was humbled and wrote the words “lazy sod” in his notebook when he learned in a recent interview that Dolly has written over 5,000 songs in her illustrious career, compared to his 500 or so. It eventually evolved into the title of this brand-new Deep Purple song and provided the conceptual framework for the lyrics.

The song begins with Gillan singing, “The world’s on fire, and I can’t get my ass out of bed.”

It’s nice to hear such plain honesty in a time when lyrics are frequently filled with irony. Gillan continues, lamenting the turbulent state of the world and his powerlessness to alter it. This is a poignant and incredibly relatable expression of resignation.

The song “Lazy Sod” is a quick and succinct synthesis of Deep Purple’s iconic sound. The British legends avoid any verse-chorus-verse rigidity with some extended scale climbs and a shreddy bridge section that goes full prog. Driving blues riffs are paired with prominent organ.

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