Confirmed: New Orleans Saints just confirmed the signing of a top player……

Kyle Hergel is the Saints Player of Day 60 as we count down to kickoff.
The current wearer of the No. 60 jersey is today’s Saints Player of the Day, with 60 days remaining until the New Orleans Saints kick off their 2024 campaign. But what has to happen in 2024 for Kyle Hergel to get on the squad? With some experience in comparable systems, the undrafted rookie may come in handy when the Saints reassemble for training camp in a few weeks. Let’s explore more about him:

Name: Kyle Hergel; age: 24
Position: Guard on offense
Height: 6 feet 2 inches, weight: 315 pounds
Athletic Relative Score: 7.83
Salary cap hit in 2024: $798,333
University: Boston University
Drafted: 2024 New Orleans Saints draft pick not selected
NFL background: rookie

Hergel spent his first four years of college (two at North Dakota, two at Texas State) playing a lot of snaps as a starter at right guard.In 2023, he transferred to Boston College, where he began at left guard. Interestingly, he collaborated with offensive line coach Matt Applebaum the previous season; Applebaum was a member of Mike McDaniel’s Miami Dolphins staff in 2022. As former Kyle Shanahan assistants, McDaniel’s offensive style and Klint Kubiak’s offensive strategy with the Saints are very similar.

Kyle Hergel - Football - Texas State Athletics

That encounter with Applebaum might have provided Hergel with a small advantage over his rivals. Along with seventh-round draft pick Josiah Ezirim, undrafted free agent Mark Evans II from the previous season, and other undrafted rookies like Nouri Nouili and Sincere Haynesworth, he is vying for a spot on the roster. Even though just one or two of those players end up on the 53-man roster, it’s likely that multiple of them end up back on the practice squad. But not everyone can stay with the Saints. During training camp, Hergel needs to distinguish himself and demonstrate that he has what it takes to succeed in Kubiak’s offense.

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