Kate Martin just announce a devastating news……

Speaking out about her former teammate Kate Martin’s most recent WNBA post, Caitlin Clark
Despite living on different coasts, Caitlin Clark and Kate Martin, who were once teammates at Iowa Hawkeyes, have remained close friends ever since joining the WNBA. Martin has joined the Las Vegas Aces, but Clark is still with the Indiana Fever.

Their frequent interactions on social media attest to the continued strength of their friendship, which started when they were roommates at Iowa. Martin shared pictures of herself with the Aces on Instagram on Monday, writing, “I love my job,” as the caption. The post went viral very fast, especially because of Clark’s touching comments.

Known for her explosive play on the court, Clark responded with emotion, expressing her love for the other person. Fans responded favorably to this message, demonstrating the close relationship between the two athletes. Not content to stop there, Clark also addressed a reference to Martin’s mother, Jill, in one of the pictures. She used Martin’s mother’s personal nickname, “Jilly Bean,” in her message, emphasizing how close-knit their relationship is.

In the WNBA, the Hawkeyes’ bond is strengthening.
Fans will find solace in the story of Clark and Martin’s continued friendship, which shows that despite their geographical distance and work obligations, they still have a close bond.

The next time the former Hawkeyes take the court is scheduled for September 11, a date that fans eagerly await. They continue to cheer each other on and support one another’s accomplishments in the interim.


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