So Sad: Howard Stern worst nightmare has happened…..

Howard Stern says Hawk Tuah girl is ‘every father’s worst nightmare’

Howard Stern has waded into the debate surrounding the ‘Hawk Tuah’ girl and insisted the situation is ‘every father’s worst nightmare.’

The woman behind the viral video, who has been identified as Hailey Welch, used the term to describe spitting as part of a sexual act.

She has become an internet sensation since the interview was posted on June 19 and is now selling merchandise branded with her catchphrase.

But legendary radio talk show host, 70, is not impressed with the video and shared his thoughts on his SiriusXM show.

‘As a dad myself of three girls that’s every father’s worst nightmare to see her on Instagram going “yeah you’ve got to hawk tuah on that f****** thing,”‘ Stern said.

Stern said he has seen the video of Welch everywhere on Instagram despite not using the social media app very much.

‘I’m on Instagram not much but that hawk tuah girl is everywhere,’ he said.

‘I think if I am analyzing it, the reason people like it so much is the girl is so uninhibited and it’s just so natural when she says it. It’s like she didn’t even think about.

‘”My kid is Insta famous she’s the hawk tuah girl.”‘

Welch is cashing in on her new found fame and partnered with Tennessee based hat company Fathead Threads to sell her own line of hats, after being identified by OutKick.

‘I have been authorized to sell these hats after a conversation with Hailey. She will be receiving a portion of the profits from sales,’ Jason Poteete from Fathead Threads shared on Facebook.

The company posted a photo of Welch autographing two different types of hats, one with a leather patch and one embordered, which are available for purchase.

Unsigned embroidered ‘Hawk Tuah’ hats are going for $32.70 while signed caps are on sale for $43.70.

Hats with the leather ‘Hawk Tuah’ patch and an autograph go for $50 and unsigned versions are $40.

Chelsea Bradford, the proud friend standing next to Welch in the video, shared the merch line on Facebook. ‘Finally someone giving my girl commission,’ she wrote.

‘Hawk Tuah’ has taken the world by storm and took fans’ attention during Bryson DeChambeau’s second round at LIV Golf’s event in Nashville this weekend.

A clip of DeChambeau’s 3-wood golf shot went viral after a fan yelled the infamous phrase in response to him launching the ball toward the 10th hole on Saturday.

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