Howard Stern is involved in a big trouble with the……

Howard Stern is involved in a big trouble with the……

Superfan Howard Stern claims that Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s financial difficulties reveal a deeper issue with the show. Howard Stern is a proud member of Bachelor Nation. The extraordinarily wealthy radio host has made a name for himself by being the most edgy in the industry and excelling at interviewing celebrities, but he is not above reality TV. But his absolute favorites are The Bachelor and all of its spin-offs. Fans of his SiriusXM radio show, of which he and his wife Beth are keen viewers, are aware that he never hesitates to weigh in on the newest series controversies. This includes Joseph Graziadei’s precarious financial condition.

In a long segment regarding Joseph Graziadei’s financial troubles, Howard Stern criticized ABC and the contestants on The Bachelor for lulling them into believing they were living in a fantasy world. After discussing Joey’s financial issues in this piece, we will make public Howard Stern’s harsh remarks.

Joey Graziadei’s Financial Issues Cause a Scandal
Joseph Graziadei was the star of The Bachelor season 28 and the runner-up on The Bachelorette season 20.

Because of the wealth that Joey Graziadei displayed on The Bachelor, some viewers have been shocked to learn of his financial troubles. Howard Stern, the radio legend, specifically criticized this on his show on June 17, 2024. Joey has been having difficulties since becoming engaged to Kelsey Anderson on the 28th season of The Bachelor, according to reports from Cosmo, Screen Rant, and other magazines, which were published prior to Stern’s show. Even though Clayton Echard’s paternity lawsuit may have been more significant than this scandal, it is still quite illuminating.
Joey Graziadei’s net worth is reportedly $250,000, according to Life & Style. However, this might be an exaggerated figure given his disclosures.

What Is Joey Graziadei’s Line of Work?
Joey acknowledged on The Trading Secrets podcast that he is unsure of his career path beyond The Bachelor. Despite his stated interest in becoming a sports broadcaster. Joey had previously stated to Jimmy Kimmel that he intended to keep appearing in reality shows. To be fair, a few of the stars of Bachelor Nation have gone on to achieve greater fame, but not all of them. One thing is for sure, though: the man has no strategy. Fans are perplexed as to how he makes money after winning The Bachelor.

Joey was a tennis instructor before joining The Bachelor. She earned a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies from West Chester University of Pennsylvania. Before relocating to Hawaii to teach tennis, he worked for a little while in the corporate world. Tennis instructors make an average of $57,000 annually, according to, which isn’t much given the extremely high cost of living in the State of Hawaii.

Joey Graziadei was unable to pay his bills.
Joey Graziadei revealed on the Trading Secrets podcast that he had a bad credit score as a result of not paying all of his bills on time. It has been very difficult for him to pay as a result.

What Is Joey Graziadei’s Address?
Joey Graziadei, the star of reality TV, says he was living in his sister’s basement after ABC supported him during his time on The Bachelor. He moved in with Kelsey Anderson and three other roommates in New Orleans after becoming engaged to her (who won his rose on the show).

Joey said on the podcast, “I feel like I’m full-on in a New Girl situation.”

Amid Joseph Graziadei’s financial troubles, Howard Stern reveals issues on The Bachelor

On his program on June 17, 2024, Howard Stern discusses the scandal involving Joseph Graziadei. The discussion was started by a caller who complimented Stern for aggressively criticizing Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants for their lack of employment opportunities following the show. The women on The Bachelor, according to Stern, are living in “a fantasy situation.” They are traveling the world, staying in the best resorts, and enjoying a lifestyle that only a select few can afford thanks to the show. However, the ABC network and The Bachelor producers are behind all of this.

In actuality, the majority of the Bachelors and contestants are poor and have no prospects for employment. According to Stern, this is one of the main issues with the show behind the scenes, and it drives him “mad.”
Stern continued by stating that the candidates on The Bachelor are frequently misled into believing he is richer than he actually is. However, Joey Graziadei was the target of his criticism.

Joey’s critic on the radio show was that, aside from appearing on a reality show, he hadn’t done much to further his life or career. He now lives with his sister and has no prospects. He continued by criticizing Joey for his remarks made during an interview for the podcast Trading Secrets.

Joey and his fiancée Kelsey Anderson disclosed in the interview that he had moved into Kelsey’s and her roommates’ home from his sister’s.

Stern jokingly said, “I want to see that reality show.” “She is wealthier than he is. At least she has a place, albeit with a few roommates.”

Kelsey claimed that she, Joey, and three other roommates shared a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home in New Orleans. Stern made the observation that this is not at all the Bachelor lifestyle to which she or the other contestants were used.

Stern remarked, “This guy doesn’t have enough money to get his own place.” “They seem to be teenagers.”
The radio host then attacked Joey, saying that because he didn’t pay his bills, his credit score was awful. especially considering Joey’s apparent lack of concern for any of it. Stern and his longtime co-host Robin Quivers asserted that ABC inadvertently induces a delusional sense of reality in its contestants.

“What makes you want to be in a relationship with a thirty-year-old man who moves in with you and your roommates?” Kelsey Anderson was scolded by Stern for ignoring the serious problems she was having with her fiancé.
Stern then played a clip of Joey saying, despite having no credentials at all, that he wanted to use his celebrity from reality shows to become a sports broadcaster.

“Joey and Kelsey seem like complete moron.”
Following his critiques of Joey and Kelsey’s viewpoints regarding their professions and financial circumstances, the radio host acknowledged that he and his spouse weren’t fond of their season of The Bachelor. primarily because he never took a liking to Joey and was always able to see through his sloth.

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