Will He Survived It: Mark Knopfler is involved in a car accident just now…..

Will He Survived It: Mark Knopfler is involved in a car accident just now…..

Mark Knopfler and guitar legends collaborate on a special recording for the Teenage Cancer Trust.
Honored to have contributed visuals to this historic reunion of legendary musicians in support of Teenage Cancer Trust and Mark Knopfler’s brand-new special recording of his iconic song “Going Home (Theme From Local Hero),” produced by his longtime partner Guy Fletcher, is Electric Studios.

Featuringanunprecedentedlineupofsomeofthegreatestguitaristsinhistory,thenewstar-studdedtrackisundoubtedlyamazing. From Springsteen to Townshend, Gilmour to Wood, Slash to Clapton, May to Iommi, and a host of other astounding names. Furthermore, the track begins with Jeff Beck’s last recording.

We were eager to tackle the challenge of creating a music video for this 10-minute track, and working with such a diverse group of artists gave us the chance to showcase our animation skills. From captivating 3D plectrums to immortal guitar players smashing their instruments, we did everything we could to ensure that we captured the essence of this historic new recording in all its rock splendor.

“With a track comprising around 67 world-renowned musicians, it was comforting to be working directly with music producer Guy Fletcher,” stated creative director Sam Tootal. In collaboration with our incredibly talented artists at Electric Studios, we created a journey through the song, incorporating a multitude of contributing musicians’ names, guitar strings, live gig atmospheres, and ambient visual cues while applying meticulous detail to the incorporation of rock icons and symbols.

Take a look at a few of the fan comments on the video:

“This is among the most amazing things I have ever seen or heard.”

It’s unbelievable what I just witnessed. It was truly astounding. I was shivering. Although I had previously listened to the recording, I had never seen the video before. It was an enormous task to match the names to the music they were playing and the artwork.

“The person assembling the audio… What a brave man, a masterful job well done at an impossible task. I was hoping for flawless audio. The images are what caught me off guard. incredibly beautiful! Fantastical, enchanted, and inventive. The greatest music video I’ve ever seen, hands down. Kudos to the person or people who did that.

“Just an amazing video, it pairs up the riffs with the artists, making the song that much better” “The video is just brilliant in the way that it tackles the almost impossible task of adding names to the sounds.”

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