Sad Departure: 2 key players depart Golden State Warriors due to……

Sad Departure: 2 key players depart Golden State Warriors due to……

Steve Kerr of the Golden State Warriors offers a departure timeline and an update on the Big 3.
Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, discusses his future with the team.
Steve Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, inked a two-year contract extension in February of last year, which will keep him in office through the 2025–26 campaign.

At the time of the extension, Kerr was in his tenth season as the head coach of the Warriors and his contract was about to expire. It was only reasonable for both parties to carry on with what has become a historic marriage. The somewhat two-year extension did raise doubts about how long he would remain a coach in Northern California, though.

These Warriors have seen the end of their dynasty, having just missed the playoffs for the third time in five years. This summer also looks to bring about a lot of roster changes. NBA free agency will begin for Klay Thompson. Andrew Wiggins is probably going to be traded. Draymond Green might be done after yet another season of drama.

Kerr recently revealed how long he will be sitting on the Warriors bench, given how things are changing in Northern California. He appeared to also offer a schedule for Golden State’s big three—Thompson, Green, and Stephen Curry—during that process.

According to Steve Kerr, every sports job has practically a shelf life (NBC Bay Area, Raj Mathai). And as a coach, I believe I will sense when it’s time to step down, even though I didn’t sense it this past year. We seem to have a few years ahead of us with Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and maybe Klay Thompson. We’re still operating.

Steve Kerr’s extraordinary success and his probable departure from the Golden State Warriors
The fact that Kerr inked a two-year contract extension does not appear to be a coincidence. Curry will become a free agent after said extension expires. That summer, Green will also have a player option.

The Warriors now have a two-year window to return to the top of the mountain. Naturally, this will depend on what transpires with the previously mentioned Thompson and other key players on the Warriors’ roster.

Even now, it seems improbable that Thompson will leave Golden State after leading the team to four titles. It makes perfect sense to keep the big three together for the upcoming two seasons, led by Kerr.

It will center around other pieces. The contract for future Hall of Famer Chris Paul includes $30 million in non-guaranteed money. Andrew Wiggins had a disastrous two seasons after leading the Warriors to an unexpected championship back in 2022. His agreement could be utilized to

Kerr is happy where he is at the moment in Golden State.

“I enjoy entering this building each day. What is there in the Bay not to love? I am therefore very excited for the upcoming Warriors season.

However, Kerr is also aware of the terms of his contract and how they will affect his future with the Warriors.
“But my contract is going to expire at some point, maybe in two years,” stated Steve Kerr. “Perhaps that’s when the Warriors should look for fresh blood and new ideas, and when I should move on. When it does, we will both know.

Following his appointment as the Warriors’ head coach in 2014–15, Kerr has amassed a 519–274 record, six trips to the NBA Finals, and four championships. Right now, his winning percentage of.654 is among the top five all-time.


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