Confirmed: Minnesota Timberwolves are bringing him back….

Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards is at the center of a social media storm after a woman, who claims to be his baby mama, took to Instagram with allegations that he has fathered a hidden child.

The woman, known as Ally D on Instagram, shared a series of posts and screenshots suggesting a connection with Edwards.

In one screenshot, she addresses the person she is texting as “Ant,” while another post shows video footage of Edwards wearing earrings, implying the person she is texting is indeed the NBA player.

In a revealing exchange, Ally D shared a text conversation with a contact saved simply as “A.”

At the bottom of this exchange, she wrote:

“Dis was in november when I been knew he had a little girl before our son literally a MONTH before but seee how i always kept it P literally said congrats on the one on da way. So thats 3 kidss now.”

Further elaborating on her situation, Ally D posted:


“I’ve been nun but a great mom and a cool mf I let yall talk what yall wana say for MONTHS im such a peaceful mf i even prayed for the other children cause end of the mf day them my sons siblings and ion do the ghetto but yall wana c ghetto coool.”

Among the series of posts, Ally D included what appears to be a paternity test, though the results were covered.

She challenged her followers to guess who the father was.

She also provided a timeline, claiming that Edwards got her and another woman pregnant only months apart.

According to her, their son is eight months old, with another child born in September and yet another child recently born.Instagram

“Our son 8 months…. Kids were not born the same time just a few months apart. One little girl in September. Then our son October then he just had one,” she wrote.

In one particular screenshot, she showed a text allegedly from Edwards stating, “He can go play with them other kids!!” about their son.

She responded by telling him to spend time with the other children’s mothers instead of her, captioning the screenshot with:


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