Just In: Penn State coach has announce a devastating news…

More than ten years after his conviction for sexual assault and grooming, disgraced Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky maintains his innocence, telling DailyMail.com that his accusers were manipulated by investigators and motivated by money, in an explosive new interview.

Sandusky, 80, was found guilty in 2012 of 45 counts of sexual abuse of ten boys he met at his Second Mile charity which allegedly took place over a period of 15 years between 1994 to 2009.

The convicted child molester has not spoken publicly about his charges or appeals since 2013, when he appeared in a documentary about university legend Joe Paterno.

Speaking from Laurel Highlands State Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania, the former defensive coach again insisted that he was innocent of the charges he was convicted of.

‘I never ever in my life ever thought about molesting anybody,’ he told DailyMail.com.

‘I was accused of heinous crimes, which I’ve never committed. My wife was my only partner in sex and that was after marriage.

‘I was in disbelief in terms of how this happened. Why were they [accuser] saying things that were so inconsistent with what they had said before?

‘I believe I was wrongfully convicted by inconsistent, perjured testimony.’

He maintains his accusers were ‘vulnerable and susceptible’ people who were ‘coached and led’ by law enforcement and two therapists – who he blames for the ‘inconsistent testimony’.

The former Penn State coach believes that his accusers were ‘incentivized’ by money, adding that ‘nobody came forward on their own’.

Sandusky has broken his silence after his legal team launched his latest bid to get a fresh trial, with the lawyers calling for a new hearing on the validity of repressed memory therapy.

Therapists who use the technique often administer sodium pentothal or hypnotize their clients to try to generate images of alleged abuse which could have happened. They spend months homing in on whether the memory is real or fabricated.New Penn State allegations show the football program has learned nothing  from the past - SBNation.com

The appeal argues that the original trial jury should have heard more testimony about the technique, which Sandusky believes would not stand up in a courtroom today.

‘We now have evidence that there was repressed memory therapy, and we have an expert who’s willing to testify about how to analyze what happened,’ he explained.

‘Their stories changed. The point is that every last one changed,’ he claims.

In total Penn State paid out $63.1million to victims of Sandusky, with other expenses, settlements and fines associated with the cases are estimated to be around $220million.

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