Heartbreaking: Georgia Bulldogs coach has announce a devastating news….

Quarterback for the Georgia Bulldogs, Carson Beck detailed how he is dealing with the lofty expectations he and his team have for the upcoming college football season.

In just over a year, Carson Beck has gone from a quarterback who had yet to make his first start as a collegiate football player to a projected first-overall pick in next year’s NFL Draft—Beck’s lone season as a starter resulted in nearly 4,000 passing yards and a record-breaking completion percentage of 72% that turned the heads of NFL coaches and scouts alike.

With such an impressive first season in 2023, the expectations for the quarterback’s 2024 campaign have been lofty. During an interview with the New York Times, Beck was prompted to explain how he goes about honing his skills and continuing to develop as a player now that he is such a big name in the NFL market.

“It’s very challenging, especially in the world today, where there’s so much stuff always all around you.” Beck told the New York Times. “But just stay grounded where you’re at, and it usually makes life more simple.”

Along with projections to be the first overall selection in the 2025 NFL Draft, Beck is also currently amongst the betting favorites to win the Heisman during the 2024 season. An award that has not been won by a Georgia Bulldog player since Herschel Walker did so in 1982.

With so many high expectations for both he and his team during this upcoming season. Staying grounded will be a must for Carson beck and the rest of the Bulldogs to achieve their goals.

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