April 23, 2024

Who has joined the Washington Commanders as a new signing?
During the first few days of this year’s free agency, the D.C. Football Team signed a running back and a quarterback.
In the market lately, the Washington Commanders have been very active. Based on their first behaviors, the team’s uniform will undergo significant alterations this season. Two key additions have been made by the Commanders: a new running back and a new quarterback.

Marcus Mariota has signed a six million dollar, one-year contract with the Washington team, an amazing move. Given that the organization already boasts Sam Howell, a quarterback who started all 17 games for the team last season, many fans and sports analysts are questioning this decision. Mariota’s presence has made the Commanders’ roster more balanced, something that doesn’t happen very often in the NFL.

In addition, the team owns the second pick in the upcoming draft, which a lot of people believe to be a quarterback draft. This indicates that the Commanders can expand their starting quarterback group in a number of ways. But it wouldn’t be shocking if the team were to trade the second pick for a number of picks in the first and later rounds, considering that they already have two quarterbacks.

Former Los Angeles Chargers running back Austin Ekeler has agreed to a two-year opt-out contract with the Washington club. Ekeler is expected to make $4.82 million in the first year of the over $12 million contract. This sum comprises $1.5 million in season-specific incentives in addition to a $3 million bonus. Ekeler weighs 200 lbs. and is 5′10′′ tall.

For seven seasons, Austin Ekeler has been an important member of the Chargers’ roster. In his tenure with the organization, he has amassed 4,355 yards of total carries, 3,884 yards of pass receptions, and 69 touchdowns. But he went through one of his worst years as a professional in 2023. He was unable to average more than 3.5 yards per rush and struggled with drops. In addition, he only managed five rushing touchdowns as opposed to the 25 he had in the previous two seasons.

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